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While your mind was sleeping, Hollywood has done a number on you and your perceptions. Sharks have such a bad (evil in some contexts) connotation, that it is many times difficult to have an intelligent conversation with otherwise educated and rather bright people. What we would like to give you is information so that you may educate yourself and help save some of these magnificent creatures.

Sharks came on the scene back in the Devonian time period which is over 350 million years ago. In the last two centuries, man (Pleistocene) has made every effort to rid himself of these necessary machines. We are not marine biologists. However, as naturalists, we have found that being in their environment and observing their behavior, the number of sharks is clearly a tell-tail pulse of a reefs health.

Dream Team Shark Encounters

If you are looking to learn more about sharks, may we suggest perhaps a short encounter with them in the wild. This is a dive on the wild side as we feed these animals. You sit in safety as you see wild sharks feeding in the area. Depending on your level of comfort and your desire to see, you can have the animals come right up to you as you move to the bait. Of course, if you like having them in the distance, you only need to stay away from the bait.

We have two separate locations where we hold the shark dives. The first is the Bull Pen. This is a 60' reef that you can always count on seeing at least 3-20 groupers. This shark dive is good for bringing in from 1-6 sharks in a very controlled environment. The second place that we dive with these sharks is near Freeport, Grand Bahamas. It is quite common on this second for there to be over thirty sharks. If you wish for heart racing feeding action, this is the site for you.

We basically have four types of sharks that are common to the Little Bahama Bank. They are:

Different sharks do come through often, but not enough to list them as regulars.

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