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Scuba Diving Trip Reports for the Dolphin Dream.

Below are some excerpts from our Visitor's Log. We hope that this will give you a glimpse of the magic that they have witnessed, experienced, and made while on their scuba trips and to meet the dolphins in the wild.

This was our first live aboard vacation, our first shark dive, our first time swimming with the dolphins, and all exceeded our expectations! We have been to several dive resorts all around the Carribean, and this was the best dive experience by far. We saw more flora and fauna on the reef dives than ever before. The healthy reefs were impressive! The crew was extremely attentive to all our needs. Captain Scott shared his knowledge of marine life, the dolphins in particular. We would highly recommend vacationing aboard the Dolphin Dream for your next dive excursion! The Flying RaisinsTour (Kathy and Devin Cooper, Jim and Diana Finewood, Mark and Diane Greco, Ken and Joanne Bowen) April 2009

Captain Scott is my new favorite person for the simple reason that he facilitated such an amazing experience for me: diving with dolphins at night. This trip has been one sensational dive after another, from beautiful coral reefs to tiger and hammerhead sharks to the dolphins -- each a more incredible dive than the one before. If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime, Captain Scott, his crew and the Dolphin Dream will certainly deliver. Amanda Cotton March 2009

We loved our dive vacation with the Dolphin Dream! Every dive was a great dive. Captain and crew were very knowledgable and fun. Unlike a shore-based vacation, we were able to dive the very best dive locations with minimal effort. The food and service aboard was fantastic. Each dive provided a variety of sea life: sharks, dolphins, lion fish, etc. A vacation with the Dolphin Dream leaves the cattle boats and crowds behind. Go where the land-based can't. We hope to vacation with the Dolphin Dream again very soon! L. Roundy 3/2009

What more could a diver ask? Each one of us is driven by some inner search; a drive to find or experience something new. For me, after over 250 hrs of my life underwater I wanted to experience first hand encounters with both sharks and dolphins. Captain Scott and crew enabled me to reach a personal quest: to swim among animals eons old in a setting so perfectly beautiful. For my week aboard the Dolphin Dream I saw no land - another amazing event in itself - but then there was the dolphin night dive backdroped by a full moon and a clear starlit sky. The two hours swimming with the dolphins that evening was pure magic. The reef dives where beautiful yet the lack of moored sites did give me concern for the sites we visited. The shark dives were thrilling, no hand feeding like other ops in the Bahamas, just chumming from the boat. In 20' of water under a noon day sun, the sharks were just gorgeous. The boat is stable albeit a little old and could benefit from some paint and new rinse tubs - particularly a dedicated camera tank and table. Also, the boat is probably not the right fit for guests expecting pampering although the crew is more than accommodating, helpful and really fun. However, for dive-centric souls like me, these concerns are obviously not top priority when I book my dive vacation. There is AC throughout the boat, a large dive deck, large upper sundeck and a bow to watch the azure sea satisfied my "pampering" needs. The quarters were clean and private and the food was excellant. Practically everyday we had fresh Yellowtail snapper, oftentimes prepared Sashimi style minutes out of the ocean. Something I never had before on other liveaboards, although fresh caught fish seems to me to be an obvious item on the dinner menu for boats at sea. Lastly, when it comes down to "was the trip good or worthwhile?" I say yes. It's the people one meets on these one week trips out to sea that cements a memory of "yes, it was indeed good!" I've dove several other liveaboards throughout the Carribean and this week's "Best of It All Dive Week" is now tops in my log book basically for the itinerary and experiences I mention which other companies can't provide or say they do but don't come through. I'll be back, no question about it. B. Whitney, aka "Nvert" 3/2009

This was our first liveaboard experience, so we don't have a benchmark comparison. The positives: 1. A great itinerary at a bargain price. We were on the Dive trip as opposed to the Shark Dive or Dolphin Snorkel trips, so we experienced a combination of them all: reefs, sharks and dolphins, all in the same week. If you've never dove with sharks or snorkeled with dolphins, you can't imagine what you are missing! 2. A great and very accommodating crew. All you had to do was wake up, eat, and show up at the dive platform. Crew to passenger ratio was 4:9 - very high! 3. Great food. Three hot and plentiful meals per day. Snacks, sodas, coffee, tea and beer were all complimentry. Fish caught during the trip were prepared fresh each day. 4. Bunks and sleeping accommodations were adequate. Excellent ventilation in the "shrimp hold". 5. Unlimited fresh water was available (although we were asked not to waste). Post dives, there was a hot water shower available right next to the dive platform and plenty of hot water for regular showers. 6. The Dolphin Dream, a former shrimp boat, is very stable. The four deck levels made it possible to get away and be by yourself, if that's what you wanted. The negatives: 1. Don't expect anyone to make your bed or clean your room during the week you're onboard. 2. Don't look in the microwave. 3. The Captain is more respectful of the sharks and dolphins than of coral. In his defense, it's tough finding a parking spot over some of the beautiful reefs. All in all, we had a great time and if the opportunity presents itself in the future, we'll be back. L.G. & Chris.

So what can you say after a week on the Dolphin Dream? How can words possibly convey the full texture and fibre of such an other-worldly experience? If you are after the 'real deal', not cattle dive boat schlock, then this is the place for you. Actually, even if you ARE after the cattle dive boat schlock, this is the place for you....because THIS is what's it all about. This is, literally, what dreams are made of. And every diver on the planet needs to experience this at least once in their lifetime. What you get here, with Captain Scott, Mates Mike, Conner and Travis, and Dive Boat Chef par excellence Gayle, is literally beyond compare for people who love what we love...and you know who we are. You've read about the reefs and the sharks and the dolphins and the sea life and the food and the bunks and the bathrooms and the camera tub....but, not to diminish any of those, and rather to amplify all of that: this is about a state of mind. And in our experience, people (aka 'staff") who love what they do, day after day, are the ones who love to deliver what WE love, day after day. These people are dreamweavers. So if you want to dream away your days and nights on this earth's incomparable oceans, these are the people and the boat to do it with......Dee McHenry and David Ulloa

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